Gary Staley Memorial

A Testament to a Fallen Firefighter


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Reply Mardy Helms Weikel
5:00 PM on October 7, 2012 
Don and Ruby ~ Thank you for sharing this site with us. He was a truly wonderful son, as we've read and so glad you have your Faith to make this event possible to manage. You two are truly strong ones and the Good Lord needed Gary for His purpose. Bless you both, and Karla and Matt plus dear Courtney. Our lv and prayers, Sid and Mardy
Reply Tyler Hooper
5:26 PM on June 20, 2012 
A true american hero, Gary's family and friends were blessed to have been in his life. Porter Fire Dept will never forget the sacrifice he gave for the dept and citizens of Porter.
Reply Lt. Anthony Jackson
7:49 PM on January 19, 2012 
Mr. & Mrs. Staley,

I never had the privilege of meeting Gary, but the stories and the comments accompanied by the numerous photos and tributes that grace the walls of our Firehouse speak volumes of the person Gary must have been. I just want to say that the both of you have done an amazing job of showing tribute to your son through events, scholarships, and contributions and not letting him fade. I lost my brother nearly 10 years ago, I do know of the void thats left and the constant reminders. I've was personally involved with and assisted someone that has been the recipient of Gary's Scholarship. During the time I was helping him fill out the paperwork, I knew a great thing was happening for this young man. That great thing was happening because of the two of you and the sacrifice Gary made. Gary's sacrifice is a large part of why Porter Fire Department has grown to what it is today. I hope that Gary continues to be "in the air" at Porter Fire Department, as his kind of spirit will always be needed. May god be with you, as I'm sure Gary is with him.

He will NEVER be forgotten
Reply Richard Mixx
10:46 PM on July 18, 2011 
Thank you Mr.Staley for all you and Mrs.Staley have done since the day Gary made the ultimate sacrifice.. That fire changed lives all over the country, you have taken what some would not know how to deal with and turned it into a possitive. The scholarship is a beneit to not only the recipient but the community in which they serve, Gary's story has been told in countless fire stations to educate other fireman on what can happen and how to save others or yourself. I myself am a recipient of the scholarship and have relived that day a number of times in my head, I was a volunteer along side of Gary with the Porter FD and made the fire that day. With the help of the "Brotherhood" Gary spoke of and with Gary Staley Scholarship money I attended Fire Academy and have made a career out of my passion, the passion that so many fireman share. The Brotherhood continues to this day and Gary will forever be on the Engine with us as our Guardian Angel! Thank you Gary, Mr. & Mrs. Staley and Ms. Courtney
Richard Mixx
Porter Fire Department
Reply Bill Harrell
6:10 PM on July 15, 2011 
Wow. What a nice Testament. I was a good friend of Gary's in High School and when I left Kingwood I lost track of him. I'm glad to see he became such a good person although his death is definitely a tragedy. RIP Gary.
Reply Debbie Guerrero
1:27 AM on September 11, 2010 
I will never forget that day. A friend, fellow firefighter left us. I still go by the cemetary and see him. His funeral was beautiful. Fit for a HERO like Gary. Gary, I love ya and miss ya..